'Less than one third of family businesses survive the transition from first to second generation ownership. Another 50% don’t survive the transition from second to third generation'.

Source: Forbes publication

Our mission is to reverse this statistic

You will know from experience how your behaviour, and the behaviour from others around you, can affect business goals and objectives. How people communicate, interpret and deliver long-terms ambitions with daily tasks can easily affect the culture and workforce operating effectively. Add to this the family dynamics, responsibility and pressures.  

Our role is to support you in switching the culture to continue to grow a sustainable and prosperous business.

Your results 

  • Empower and lead individuals and teams across the workplace 
  • Manage change effectively
  • Nurture individuals to grow self-esteem and confidence
  • Engage to build lasting relationships with peers and colleagues
  • Resolve and eliminate conflict and stressful work environments
  • Develop team coaching techniques 

Our process

Today’s work environment is a changing and challenging place, with increased rewards, expectations, uncertainties and pressures. It is a place where identity and important relationships are formed and personal and financial satisfaction is gained – but sometimes not.  

The approach will be to work with you to understand how you or your team work together in achieving your business goals and targets.  To delve into the overt and covert factors that help or hinder.  We look at key leadership and management roles and how individuals and team members work together to achieve their personal or organisational goals.  

What is Organisational Consultancy?

Organisational Consultancy focuses on the organisation as a whole, looking beneath the surface to consider factors that might be helping or hindering the organisation’s development. It can look at the organisational behaviour and culture, staff engagement and motivation and improving efficiency and sustainability. For example, the approach might think about problems in implementing change, staff dissatisfaction and troublesome individuals and what their behaviours might be communicating on behalf of others. The aim is to improve functioning. 

What does Organisational Consultancy involve? 

Organisational Consultancy involves conversations with individuals at all levels within the organisation to gather perspectives and the observation of interactions and behaviours in a variety of different settings within the organisation. The conversations and observations will take place within the organisation, over a number of days, in agreement with the referring client. 

Is Organisational Consultancy confidential?

Feedback will be anonymised so no individual’s information will be identified. Only themes relevant to the issues under consideration will be fed back to the referring client. 

How much does Organisational Consultancy cost?

Fees are negotiable on an individual basis. 

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