74% of employees don't feel that are achieving their potential in the workplace

Source: HR Professionals

Our mission is to help you reach your potential

A leaders behaviour has an enormous effect on their business growth and prosperity.  But the process and path to get you and your team operating at their very best can be a little hit or miss. More often than not we learn from trial and error.  

We will work with you to determine your professional direction.  Providing support and a clear structure to help communicate and lead behavioural change and business success.

What you'll achieve

  • Well being: greater sense of balance and realistic achievement in one day 
  • Clarity on purpose and professional direction  
  • Building confidence and self-esteem in leadership and authority  
  • Grow skill-set and responsibility along your career path 
  • Ability to lead a dynamic and engaged team 
  • Strengthening relationships with peers and colleagues 

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching provides a one-to-one conversation between leaders and senior managers who have responsibility for leading, managing and influencing others within their organisation. The conversation can include managing the impact of change, developing maximum effectiveness and developing capacities to think creatively, collaboratively and clearly under difficult conditions. It can also explore the coachee’s current work role, taking on a new work role, work aspirations, work uncertainty and the influence of organisational change. 

What does Executive Coaching involve? 

Executive Coaching provides a defined time in which the one-to-one conversation can take place. The process typically involves a series of six meetings, lasting for 1½ to 2 hours, arranged over a three-month period to allow time for practice, reflection and learning between meetings. 

Is Executive Coaching confidential?

Conversations are confidential to the individual. Any feedback to the organisation will be with the agreement with the coachee and take place in a three-way meeting between, the executive coach, the coachee and a representative from the organisation. An exception to confidentiality will be when any risk is identified that could seriously damage the welfare of the coachee, others or the organisation. 

How much does Executive Coaching cost?

Fees are negotiable and there is a fixed charge for each session. 

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